Custom-Made by YOU!

The Build Your Baskets experience allows you to be a part of the custom gifting process. You will have the ability to personalize, create, motivate, and have a sense of ownership in making memories that will not only last at that moment but for a lifetime.


Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

1. Choose a Size

Choose from one of four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. The larger the basket, the more items you can add!

2. Choose a Basket

Pick from a great selection of various basket styles & colors for your selected size.

3. Add Featured Gift Items

These featured gift items will take center stage in your beautiful basket!

4. Add Filler Gift Items

These gift items will be added to fill out and complete your basket!

5. Personalize Your Basket

Add a personal message card inside of your gift basket! You can also optionally add a custom name on the outside of the basket.

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You Are Worth Celebrating

Build Your Baskets provides the opportunities to celebrate your loved ones, children, co-workers, neighbors, your leaders, and bosses, with custom or pre-made gift baskets.

Customers are greeted by Basket Artists when they enter the store, who help walk them through the various stations to create their own unique gift baskets.